Effective trading in today’s environment is almost impossible to provide without a clear and structured trading strategy that takes into account all possible scenarios.

Naturally, due to the fact that signals need to be visualized, novice traders choose indicator strategies, because the logic of the robot on them is more understandable.

But the market is not static, and sometimes those indicators that were very effective a decade ago are even more loss-making now.

The reason is, of course, that there are practically no long-term trends in the market.

That is why trading methods where it is not so important to predict the trend direction, such as the famous grid approaches, are more effective than ever.

One such Expert Advisor based on grid averaging is presented in this article.

VR Smart Grid: benefits

VR Smart Grid Lite Expert Advisor is a grid trading expert of the new generation for the MT4 trading terminal, which allows traders to earn on all market fluctuations without reference to any trend or trend (to read more follow the link).

It is worth noting that VR Smart Grid Lite is based on a partial grid closure approach, which allows to significantly reduce the drawdown when trading and, as a consequence, make it more stable against sharp fluctuations or steady market movements, something that other grid traders cannot boast of.

VR Smart Grid Lite Expert Advisor can be freely used on all currency pairs and timeframes, which makes it a truly universal robot, provided, of course, that the key parameters are properly adjusted.

Testing the advisor

Traditionally, we decided to test the trading robot in the strategy tester with default settings in order to determine its potential. The test was run on the EUR/USD currency pair on the hour chart in 2017. So, the results of the preliminary test:

In conclusion, it should be noted that VR Smart Grid Lite is not just a promising, but also a profitable trading Expert Advisor because preliminary testing using the default settings shows enormous potential for further optimization.


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